Goodbye 2020 and Hello 2021 Horoscope Predictions: Let The New Year Begin

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2020 was a tough year, wasn’t it? It had its ups and downs but we certainly learned a lot from it. Shoutout and huge applause to everyone who had it tough this year, you nailed it and to everyone who’s reading it, you certainly learned a lot! 2020 is over and 2021 here we come! To everyone who’s worried about 2021 let this step aside and read this article to be more informed about your horoscope predictions. Told you, there’s no need to worry, but first and foremost start this year with a positive mindset. Start fresh and read your 2021 horoscope predictions!

During this time of the year, many Astrologers study and state some astrological and horoscope predictions and announce it to the whole wide world. According to some of the top Astrologers in the Middle East, such as the Lebanese Maguy Farah and the Egyptian Abeer Fouad, it’s definitely going to be a MUCH better year for all of us. HURRAY! But stop wait a minute; the first two months won’t be the best actually as still some of 2020 situations will be somehow stuck with us. This year will certainly take us on a rollercoaster but definitely lighter than 2020. According to Maguy Farah, we might experience some revolutions, country disagreements, safety issues but also. You certainly now feel a little pessimistic, right? Well, don’t be because everything has a solution. Scroll down to find out more about your horoscope.

In this video, the famous Maguy Farah will give you some heads up or maybe some sneak peeks about the year in general.

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Now moving on to the personal stuff that matter to most of us the most: Money and Romance everyone! Whether you’re married or not, employed or unemployed and single or taken watch this video to know what this year’s has to offer! It’s going to be a good year to most of the horoscopes according to the Astrologist Abeer Fouad. Huge shoutout to Aries, Libra, Gemini and Sagittarius this year is yours! Now watch the video to learn more.

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And the cherry on top; we saved the best for last to entertain you even more with the amazing Basant Youssef and her optimistic predictions.

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