This New Campaign Will Encourage You to Live Life to the Fullest


Over the course of our social media adventures, while we were avoiding all the work we’re supposed to be doing, we noticed something kind of…amazing. For their latest campaign, the aptly-named Juhayna Pure aims to promote, well, a pure lifestyle.



You’re probably wondering what that means? Juhayna Pure are encouraging everyone to be like their juices — 100% true to themselves, with no additives whatsoever. They want us to strip down to who we truly are, and simply enjoy life.



In their latest #LivePure video series, individuals are seen attempting to live a pure life, but utterly failing. Why? Because they’re trying too hard, but more importantly, they’re not being themselves. Leading a pure life is much more simpler than we think it is; it could be listening to your favorite song and screaming it at the top of your lungs, it could be reading a book by an Instagrammable beach, it could be watching birds fly in a very Tumblr-esque way…and it could be none of those things we’ve just mentioned. Why? Because only you can decide what is pure.



WE SAID THIS: Stop overthinking and let’s #LivePure. Oh, and don’t forget to check the rest of Juhayna Pure’s videos by clicking here.

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