You Need to Watch This Chilling Pro-Muslim American PSA by Katy Perry


Confronted with an increase in hate crimes and Islamophobic rhetoric, American Muslims have been organizing, educating and speaking out. And now, an unexpected ally have decided to join them to bring awareness to the fight that America’s Muslims are facing over the next four years ― Katy Perry.


The Dark Horse serves as executive producer on a new public service announcement that questions whether Donald Trump’s xenophobic rhetoric is a sign that history could repeat itself. “Don’t normalize hate,” Perry wrote to her 95 million followers on Twitter.


Via Katy Perry


The harrowing video compares Trump’s call for Muslim registry to Japanese internment camps.  “We were an American farm family now living in an interment camp and our constitutional rights were taken away from us,” the Japanese woman says in the video. “It all started with fear and rumors then it bloomed into the registration of Japanese Americans and then labeling with physical tags and then eventually internment.”


After the old woman finishes her story, the actress playing her peels off her mask and is revealed to be a Muslim-American who says, “Don’t let history repeat itself.”



WE SAID THIS: Watch the chilling video above.