Naguib Sawiris Wants You to Stop Investing in Qatar

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Top journalist Richard Quest just interviewed Egyptian billionaire Naguib Sawiris on CNN’s Quest for Business, and it was quite something. They, of course, talked about the hottest topic in the region at the moment, AKA the isolation of Qatar.


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Sawiris urged all Egyptians and Arab businessmen to stop investing in Qatar, a country that he believes does support terrorism. However, the interview got intense when Quest asked his guest about the contradicting parties that the Arab countries claim Qatar supports; as some of the terrorists that they claim Qatar supports are already fighting each other.


It was quite obvious that Quest wanted to create some sort of discussion with Qatar in the hopes of resolving the situation, but Sawiris was just not having that. The interview ended after Quest asked Sawiris whether he’s looking forward to see a new Emir rule the country. Sawiris responded with, “it’s up to Qatari people to choose who to rule them.”


Huffington Post


Sawiris is one of the most influential business and political figures in Egypt and the Middle East; his views and comments have the power to cause a massive impact in the contemporary regional dilemma with Qatar.



WE SAID THIS: Better not get on Sawiris’ bad side, Qataris. 

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