Nadine Ghosn: An Exclusive Chat With The Stanford Grad Whimsical Jewelry Maker

Taking bits and pieces from real life and transforming them into staple pieces of jewelry is the epitome of Nadine Ghosn’s world. The Lebanese-Brazilian jewelry maker is a whimsical creator who likes to take the ordinary and turn it into the extraordinary.

From a hamburger ring to an 18-karat gold pencil bracelet, those are just a few pieces from her expansive collection.

To truly uncover her world, we got the opportunity to chat with the jewelry expert and learn about how she became the founder of her very own whimsical jewelry collection. She began the conversation by taking us back to when she knew she wanted to become a jewelry designer.

The Beginning

Ghosn kept it simple, “I fell into it. After graduating from Stanford, I quickly realized that corporate life wasn’t for me. After working at Hermes I decided to venture out and build something from scratch.”

When it came to building her business, it was all trial and error, along with having a strong support system that included mentors, friends, and family.

Roadblocks Along The Way

Turning your passion into a full-fledged business is a journey that can involve obstacles, hurdles, and roadblocks. That was the case for Ghosn, and those roadblocks materialized in different ways. She was very new in the industry, which meant that she had zero connections and ties to give her business that needed push.

Beyond that, roadblocks in her life appeared in the form of critical naysayers. “There were a lot of people who didn’t believe in the longevity of my brand. When the burger started gaining recognition they thought I would be a one-shot wonder but my creativity would not be continued – that I just got

Well, she definitely proved them wrong.

The Rise Of Her Burger Ring

When Ghosn created the burger ring, everything started picking up from there. The whimsical piece of jewelry is a combination of six rings stacked on top of one another.

Together they form a gluten-free veggie burger that includes the top bun (a golden ring sprinkled with sesame), a veggie burger patty, an onion represented by princess cut diamonds, ketchup, tomato, lettuce, and the bottom bun.

It immediately rose to fame, catching the eye of consumers and retailers from around the world, from mainstay Bergdorf Goodman to the Paris’ visionary concept store, Colette.

Even in the midst of her success, she remained humble “still to this day it feels surreal when people recognize my pieces. I just recently hit 100k followers and it was hard to swallow, in my mind I am still a very small player and have a long ways to go.”

Working With Major Figures

Along the way, she worked with big names in the global industry, including Drake, which she described as “unreal. It was definitely a meaningful moment in my career.”

She also collaborated with the whimsical French pastry chef Cedric Grolet. Back in January 2023, after she dabbled with burger and sushi jewelry, her eyes got set on mouth-watering flaky croissants, especially those baked by Grolet.

From there, a unique partnership came to life that resulted in the creation of Ghosn’s very own imited-edition wearable miniature croissants made in 18K gold.

A Series Of Prideful Moments

With thousands of followers and unique collaborations under her belt, Ghosn had her fair share of unforgettable career moments. She shared with us those very moments that included “winning vogue fashion award, couture award for innovation and working alongside industry pioneers like Drake, Karl Lagerfeld, and Sarah Andelman”

With her biggest Moto being not to think outside the box but rather like there is no box, the multicultural artist is only moving up from here. We cannot wait to see what else she will come up with.

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