Digital Transformation in MENA: Beyon Solutions Soon Acquires Leading Innovator Link Development

One of the leading agile IT and digital transformation consultancies in the MENA region, Beyon Solutions, is going to acquire a controlling stake in Link Development, a leading regional provider of software solutions for digital transformation.

Beyon Solutions is merely one of multiple subsidiaries of the Beyon Group, a major company bringing tech closer to people and businesses. Having its subsidiary, Beyon Solutions, buy a stake from a 27-year-old company at the forefront of technology innovation is a major push for the group.

The deal was signed by Beyon Group CEO and Beyon Solutions Chairman Mikkel Vinter, Karim Beshara, Managing Partner of A15, a major shareholder of Link Development, and Link Development CEO Hesham El Beih.

Major Benefits Of The Deal

This acquisition is going to amplify Beyon’s market presence and give them access to a bigger network, expertise, and support. The partnership will lead to more advanced and comprehensive digital solutions.

Integrating the two companies together will also boost their partnerships with major tech providers including Microsoft and AWS.

Sheikh Mohamed bin Khalifa Al Khalifa, Beyon Digital’s CEO, commented about the partnership “we are delighted to take this major step to acquire such a prominent regional operation as Link Development.”

Overall bringing these companies together will profoundly influence the digital transformation industry and help their clients achieve their strategic objectives.

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