Nadia El-Gendy and Mohamed Mokhtar to Re-join Forces for Femme Fatale Movie

Mr. and Mrs. Smith, step aside for there will only be one woman who nailed a femme fatale role, solved national crises, tolerated brutal torture, and still looked fabulous!

It seems that our ageless and fearless Nadia El-Gendy will be hitting the big screens with another signature spy movie. Producer and Ex-husband, Mohamed Mokhtar, announced last night during an interview, on Mas’aa DMC TV show, that he is planning on putting the whole country in a Nadia trance with another collaboration.

Mokhtar explained that his amicable relationship with his ex-wife is due to their history and how she supported him at the beginning of his career. The producer believes that there has been an upgrade in Egyptian cinema and it’s just about time for another classic El-Gendy movie.

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