Must Watch: Tayarah’s Latest Show “Maza Eza?” is Probably the Funniest Thing to Come Out of 2020

Tayarah, Egypt’s leading creative production media hub, is returning to the center of the spotlight with a brand new series called ‘Maza Eza?’, and so far, it is our favorite thing in 2020.

Translated to Arabic, the show’s title means ‘What if?’ as each episode from ‘Maza Eza?’ explores a hypothetical situation, wherein we get to see how Egyptians would interact. The show expands on some of our stereotypes adding in punchlines that are definitely worth a chuckle.

For instance, the first episode puts forward an Egyptian astronaut in space on his way to the moon having to deal with the relatable bureaucracy of governmental institutions. The episode had around six thousand views in total.

The second episode starts with the question: “What if school teachers were treated like celebrities?” Kudos to the actor who managed to pull this one off in such an in-character way it was almost believable. This episode hit close to home with some of our favorite teacher cliches.

Up until now, ‘Maza Eza?’ released three episodes, with each one surpassing the one before it in both views and hilarity.

The final episode shows a reversed Egyptian family, in which two parents chastize their son for studying and not going out on a reckless rampage. With almost 19,000 views, an upside-down view of the typical Egyptian parents, and genuine laughs, this is their best episode till now.

The people who are producing this show are the same ones behind some of social media’s most viral content in the past few months. Collaborations between Mohamed El Bassiouni, Hend Sabry, Ramez Youssef, Ahmed El Sherief, and Ahmed El Ruby produced gems such as ‘Ra2asly El Sana’, which became an instant hit propelling Ruby to the center of the music scene, and ‘Sa2fa’, which was a wholesome single featuring all our favorite celebrities from the 3rd edition of the Gouna Film Festival.

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