Must Watch: Evolve Nation’s Insane Beach Workout in Sahel

Just when we thought going for a beach promenade was enough workout for the summer, fitness beast Heba Ali, known as Evolve Nation, posts a video that left our jaws dropped to the floor.

The Jordanian-American body builder and power lifter was spotted at Egypt’s North Coast this week. While most of us were wondering if she’s just here for some sun and lazy fun, she proved us all wrong. Ali posted an Instagram video of an insane beach workout at Seashell compound.

LA7 gym has gone full jungle mode this summer with wood-covered equipment by the beach. The fun wokout arena hosted Evolve Nation and she delivered.

Heba Ali hit this strength conditioning circuit two times for three rounds and she challenged us to do it at least once this week. Well, I can tell from those burpees and over-bench jumps that I’ll end up in hospital if I dare try. Simply insane and abs for days!

If you’re a die-hard Heba Ali and fitness fan, not only you can meet her this Friday at La7 gym in Seashell Sahel, but also see her in action and train with her in a class by TD Athletics at 10 AM.

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