Nelly Karim and Asser Yassin are now Officially IOM Goodwill Ambassadors!

The International Organization of Migration (IOM) in Egypt just officially announced that Egyptian superstars Asser Yassin and Nelly Karim have become their first Egyptian goodwill ambassadors and thanked them for their dedication to spreading the values of the organization.

IOM is an intergovernmental organization that provides services and advice concerning migration to governments and migrants, including internally displaced persons, refugees, and migrant workers. The organization became affiliated with the United Nations in September 2016.

Egypt became a full-fledged member of IOM back in 1991 but has been an observer state since 1974. IOM established its mission in Egypt with the purpose of assisting foreign nationals who had been forcefully displaced by the Gulf War to voluntarily repatriate or resettle in third countries.

The two award-winning artists are considered among the top stars of the Arab World and are role models to millions of people. Thus, choosing Nelly and Asser Yassin as goodwill ambassadors for the IOM in Egypt is by all means a brilliant idea.

WE SAID THIS: We’re always proud of our Egyptian superstars.