Must Watch: 6 Bizarre Mental Massages That Will Soothe Your Soul

Oddly Satisfying Videos: What to Watch Online to Destress

In the age of the internet, you can find short satisfying videos on multiple online platforms. The trend started in 2010, gaining the term “Oddly Satisfying” through a subreddit. The videos are equally bizarre and fascinating. They mostly contain repetitive movements, combined with gentle noises that help soothe your soul. “Brain Massages” is a term used to describe these kinds of clips.

You can watch a short video or a compilation, witnessing the same thing over and over again. Viewers get addicted to them, as they help you relax and destress. Ongoing psychological studies are being carried out on this phenomenon, to understand the appeal of such normal everyday activities, grabbing attention and inducing an alleviated state. Watch for yourself a couple of them and see how you feel after!


It’s a clay-like material that you can shape into anything in any color!

Hydraulic Press

Using a compression device, you can smash anything and hear it crack.


A skin treatment using just a blade, hair and dead skin are skimmed off; cleaning up your psyche.


The name refers to a sedating sensation that occurs in the body when you hear quiet whispers and sounds in your ear.

Power Washing

Spraying high pressured water to remove dirt off surfaces has never been this satisfying!

Kinetic Sand

It’s sand, but colored and can be molded into different shapes. You would think it’s a toy for kids, but adults love it too.

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