Music Video by New Singer Shyma Goes Viral, and It’s Pure Filth

Ahh, Egypt. The land of Giza Pyramids, Nile river, and random AF music videos and ads that’ll 220% make you question life.


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From the “Rakebny El Morgi7a” music video to the Potato ad, we have no shortage of that sort of, you know, art. The latest video to enter our lives and possibly change it forever is “3andy Zoroof,” which roughly translates to I Have Problems, and oh my, it definitely does.


Up-and-coming singer, Shyma (yes, she spells it like that because YOLO), released her music video 14 hours ago and it has already garnered almost a million views. To sum up the video, “3andy Zoroof” is pure filth. The word filth may not even be enough to describe her first offering to the world of music.


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From eating an apple stick and a banana in a rather 3eeb way, to pretending to be a teacher and writing “69” on a blackboard, the music video is filled with filth.



Watch the full music video below:




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