Mosul Space: A Supportive Community Workshop for Young Innovators

Almost everyone’s goal in life is to find a supportive community that’s solely dedicated to creative minds; to inspire, motivate, and educate them using innovative training programs. And today we’re going to put the spotlight on a-one-of-a-kind community space located in Mosul, north of Iraq. What caught our eyes regarding this place is how devoted to youth it is, as it offers education, innovation, entrepreneurship, technology, co-working area, training programs, and so much more, just to simply help them pave the way to build projects of their own.

It all started in 2014, before ISIS attacks on Mosul, a group of young and ambitious people had an idea of creating a community that brings the city’s youth together to make something different and change the statue queue, especially after years of poor education, limited utilities, and unguided efforts. It was the perfect opportunity to share ideas, experiences, as well as projects that can revive Mosul again. However, when ISIS took over the city, most of Mosul Space team members were forced to flee, but that didn’t stop them from carrying on their activities or events, instead, it motivated them to work even harder to develop their community.

“Learn, make, and share” is Mosul Space’s tool to improve the youth’s skills. Their goal is to spread the culture of entrepreneurship all over Mosul and connect aspiring entrepreneurs to international networks in order to get the experience and knowledge needed regarding what’s going on in the global arena. And most importantly to witness the progress of the graduating students by helping them improve their skills, find a good job, or start their own businesses rather than solely relying on governmental jobs.

Finally, the most important point is how Mosul Space is working to reduce the stress on youth in general, like how to find a job, or get a stable source of money, because this community provides an opportunity where youth can share their goals and aspirations safely with no constraints so they can get the guidance needed to fulfill their dreams correctly.

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