42 Thoughts a Foreigner Had While Watching a Mosalsal for the First Time



We got a foreigner with enough background knowledge in TV series but who had never heard or watched an Egyptian tamseleya to watch the first episode of ‘Sokoot Hor’ with Nelly Karim and here are 42 thoughts that crossed her mind…




  1. Are you sure the food won’t distract me from the plot?
  2. I swear for the next episode I’ll try the fasting thing to get the full experience, today I just had this terrible ankle pain…
  3. Why is everyone so sad already?

Sokoot Hor Still sad people


  1. Damn I can’t wait to watch the episode where she [Nelly Karim] picks up a joint from the floor!Sokoot Hor Still Nelly Karim
  2. Is this still the opening titles or is the episode all filmed like that?
  3. Ok so the intro is like 10 minutes?
  4. Oh. my. God. It started!!!
  5. Wait when was that shot again? Must have been ages ago…
  6. [cops discovering the crime scene] Wait this might be good.
  7. She [Nelly Karim] doesn’t look dead but she’s in a bad shape! Are they not gonna call an ambulance!?Sokoot Hor Still passed out 2
  8. No excessive makeup and she’s still pretty!
  9. I feel like I’ve already seen that scene in the opening titles…it’s ok it’s still good the second time.

Sokoot Hor Still Nelly Karim passed out


  1. Why are they filming everything from below, did they think the suspense wasn’t already at its peak?
  2. I love it cause the music is telling you everything that is going to happen
  3. This is very slow…
  4. Oh my God she’s breathing! [Nelly Karim] SOMEBODY! The lady needs a doctor!
  5. People keep on coming in and out of this crime scene! What is this? In the U.S. they would have isolated this whole area ages ago! Do they not use that yellow tape that keeps people away of the freaking crime scene?


Sokoot Hor Still people on the crime scene


  1. And what are those 50 extra people doing in the background at all times anyway? Who are they?


Sokoot Hor Still random background people


  1. They’re like: “Hey I’m here but I don’t know who I am either!”
  2. No gloves…honey, you’ve just put your hands on what might be a crucial clue here!


Sokoot Hor Still prints


  1. OMG when did she actually come back to life!? [Nelly Karim walking to the car]


Sokoot Hor Still walking Nelly Karim


  1. Nobody looks like the police in this show.


Sokoot Hor Still dodgy man



  1. Did this “police officer” just tell her to leave the kid to the neighbors to follow him!?
  2. I would never leave my house to follow that guy, I’m telling you this. [Safa El Toukhi talking to a police officer at the door]
  3. Doesn’t he understand that she’s not gonna follow him to the police station unless he gives a bit more details about wtf is going on!


Sokoot Hor Still catfight



  1. Wait is that all what she [Safa El Toukhi] is going to do to her [Nelly Karim]? If this was a Latin American Telenova and a mum had just found out her daughter might have killed her other daughter, that would have been a massive catfight right there! I mean she would have at least brought her to the floor!


Sokoot Hor Still lying suspect


  1. He’s lying! [Ahmed Wafih being interrogated]


Sokoot Hor Still pen report


  1. Are they [police] not recording anything from this crucial testimony?
  2. Wait he’s not going to get anything out of him like this!
  3. Is this how it goes in real life over there? I mean those interrogation methods are leading nowhere…
  4. This is never gonna work, and even if they do end up with some verdict, this will be highly approximate! The evidences and investigation techniques are very questionable.
  5. Oh now he’s taking some records! With a bic pen? Have we seen any laptop yet? Anywhere?
  6. They keep moving this lady around [Nelly Karim]. No wonder she’s not feeling great…


Sokoot Hor Still Nelly Karim moving around


  1. Is the slow motion always used so generously?
  2. Why did they send her [Nelly Karim] to a mental hospital!? How do they know she’s crazy she hasn’t said a word!


Sokoot Hor Still Nelly Karim Hospital


  1. This girl’s gonna eat her alive!


Sokoot Hor Still


  1. OMG it’s done!!!! But what happened?
  2. No one got naked!? But they barely laughed or cried!


giphy (15)


  1. Did you refrain from translating the insults or were there just none?? In the Latino Telenovelas you’d have people screaming “Pero Juan Jose Julian! Que hissiste a tu hermana!!!?!?”


giphy (14)


  1. This was all very soft and steady and professional
  2. Alright, can we watch the next one now?
  3. Or should we go straight to episode 38 to get in the heart of the action!?





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