Mortada Mansour Claps Back at Kuwaiti MP Safaa Al Hashim

Last week, social media’s latest hot topic was an assaulted Egyptian expat living in Kuwait. The lady posted a video on social media accusing five Kuwaiti women on bicycles of assaulting her. The events escalated after one of the bike riders hit her friend’s son, which led to a verbal fight that ended with violence. Egyptian expat, Fatma Aziz, took to social media to explain that she filed a police report. Days later, the Egyptian authorities announced that the situation is currently under investigation.

“The dignity of Egyptian citizens and Egyptian women in specific is a red line. However, we respect Kuwaiti authorities and judiciary”, Nabila Makram, Egyptian Minister of Immigration, said in a statement. However, one woman who had no sympathy whatsoever for the Aziz was Safaa Al Hashim.

النائب صفاء الهاشم | رسالة إلى وزيرة الهجرة المصرية نبيلة مكرم

النائب صفاء الهاشم | رسالة إلى وزيرة الهجرة المصرية نبيلة مكرم

Posted by ‎اخبار مجلس الأمة‎ on Monday, November 12, 2018

Al Hashim is the only female MP in Kuwait and, according to reports, she is known for her prejudice against expats where recommending that expats should be banned from obtaining driving licenses and be taxed to walk on the streets. The MP released quite a statement against Makram, accusing Egypt’s authorities of being negligent towards their assaulted expats, adding that she should stay out of internal affairs and leave the matter to the Kuwaiti police. Al Hashim went on saying that Egypt’s media is biased, directed, and even went as far as using an Egyptian proverb which says that if we forgot what happened, she can bring out the files.

Egyptians obviously were enraged by her demeaning statement. Kuwaiti newspapers Arab Times’ Chief Editor, Ahmed al-Jarallah, took to Twitter to explain that Al Hashim’s opinion doesn’t represent every Kuwaiti, hoping that this will not affect the relations between Egyptians and Kuwaitis. However, not everyone had such a compassionate and positive reply to the Kuwaiti MP.

Mortada Mansour apparently watched Al Hashim’s statement and he had a lot to say. From calling her a transgender, an alcoholic to accusing her brother of escaping the Kuwaiti authorities to Qatar, Mortada was shameless, yet, explained that Kuwaitis are nothing but respectful and well-educated citizens and that she doesn’t represent them.