Mommy Diaries: A Mother’s Day Rant


I don’t understand people who are offended by others’ celebration of Mother’s Day. Why someone would take offense at someone else’s declaration of love is beyond me.

Mother’s Day is a celebration of the strong women in your life who have supported you throughout your journey. Whether or not you’ve literally birthed children, you have empowered someone somehow at some point in your life so you deserve all the goodness of the world, especially if it’s just a measly day on the calendar. And if you haven’t, get your priorities checked, pronto.

I see it every day and get to experience it with the amazing women I’ve surrounded myself with. Not just my biological mother. My big sister has knocked sense into me more times than I can remember. I thank her for always being my rude awakening. My mother-in-law’s struggles are so inspiring, I celebrate her on this day. My friends are always building each other up and helping when needed. That’s what good women do. We mother each other. We pray for our loved ones and help them achieve their goals, not just our children. We are the mothers of the world.

Being a literal mother is a damn hard job. And yes, as poetic as it may sound, one day is not enough and we should be showered with love on a daily basis, but we’re not. Life gets the best of us and we get caught up with our errands and duties, so you know what? If we get an official day where our spouses or kids or loved ones can shower us with gifts and spoil us, can you just let us have that? Can you pretty please spare us your cynicism for this one day? You can go back to being yourself tomorrow.

Women who have lost their child will always and forever be mothers. Nothing, no matter how horrible can take that away from you.

Women who are unable to conceive biologically but have adopted are mothers. You’ve poured your heart into raising a soul, let the world celebrate your greatness.

People who have lost their mothers, I can only begin to imagine your pain. But don’t deny your mother’s memory the recognition she deserves. Don’t deny the village that stepped in their recognition either. Celebrate them on Mother’s Day. Celebrate them every day if you can.

I know plenty of amazing women who have adopted homeless animals and raised them with the same amount of adoration and love as I show my children, if not more. Are they not mothers? Do they not deserve a day of love?

Please, do not let celebrations of love offend you. Let poverty offend you. Let injustice offend you. Men in too skinny jeans should offend you, not some social media post celebrating women.

Raise your heads high, girls, and demand your day. Don’t let the haters take that away from you.




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