Mohamed Ramadan Just Proved That You Cannot Please Egyptians, Ever

Via Facebook


Mohamed Ramadan has just proved that he is, in fact, an actual ostoora. The Egyptian actor donated one million pounds to the New National Cancer Institute 500 500. Oh, and that’s not it. He also donated two million pounds to the Association of Friends of the National Cancer-Free Initiative.


He posted the pictures of the checks right after, clearly to influence others to do the same. However, social media users went too harsh on Ramadan and accused him of showing off. And in that very moment, the actor proved that it is impossible to please Egyptians.


Via Facebook


The donation to the New National Cancer Institute came after Ramadan participated in their cheerful advertising campaign. What proves just how hypocritical people can be is the following; people have went on and dissed the ad, accused everyone in it with overspending and told them to donate actual money instead of wasting it on the campaign.


The comment reads: With the millions spent on the campaign, you people could have donated it instead of asking us to donate.


But when Ramadan actually donated money, he was met with nothing but aggression. People even told him that the good deed won’t counted to God because it’s on Facebook.


A guy assuming that God won’t count this good deed because it’s for show off.



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