Cairo’s Favorite Steak and Sushi Bar Are Being Very Kareem This Ramadan


In less than three years, One Oak has proved itself to be the most authentic steak and sushi bar in Cairo, easily gaining a huge dedicated fan base. One Oak’s fans might think that their favorite haven has forgotten about them this holy month, but worry not, they haven’t in the slightest.



For Ramadan, One Oak have decided to whip up a special Ramadan menu that is full of everyone’s favorite dishes. Expect sambousak, fattoush, mix grill and everything in between.



And because they obviously care about us and want us to never overthink about what we want to have for iftar, One Oak created the most satisfying (and very Instagrammable) set menu that also happens to be wallet-friendly: it will only cost you 275 LE.



They, however, did not forget about sushi. To guarantee everyone having a Ramadan that’s kareem, they’ve launched their “30 Days of Kindness” initiative; where the Sushi Madness offer applies to every single day of the week — not just Mondays and Wednesdays.



Last but not least, you should treat yourself (and the people you care about) to their daily suhour. Why, you say? Because nothing is better than ending your day with their 100% oriental picks; from foul and eggs, to the fan-favorite mini shawerma.




WE SAID THIS: Reservations is a must; call 16553 in order not to miss One Oak’s Ramadan treats.