Our Favorite Character This Year Is the Brilliant Fifi from ‘La Totfe2 El Shams’

Once again scriptwriter Tamer Habib, and director Mohamed Shaker, nail it in Ramadan. It has only been over a week, and everyone is going on and on about La Totfe2 El Shams. The only way to describe it is beautiful. It is an avalanche of emotions. If your heart beats went through the roof while watching Grand Hotel, this show will take you on an emotional roller coaster like no other.


One actress that has left us in awe this year, that actress is Reham Abdul Ghafour. Who would have thought that Abdul Ghafour would end up being our favorite girl in 2017? This is so unexpected, incredibly random and brilliant. Abdul Ghafour plays the role of the most uptight dentist in the history of dental nerds, and it’s just amazing to watch and experience.



This girl exists in real life. I went to dentistry, so I’ve had the pleasure of bumping into a Fifi or two




Fifis of dentistry are exactly like Abdul Ghafour. They are uptight, cannot take a joke, always have their hair tied back and hate everything and everyone just because they can




But deep down inside, Fifis of dentistry just want to be loved




So they compromise and go for the safe option. I swear this is just classic for Fifis of dentistry!




I’m sorry to say this, but this is the best Reham Abdul Ghafour I have ever seen. She is flawless. Whoever picked her for this role is one brilliant human being


Via La Totfe2 ElShams



We can’t help but wonder, how did Habib and Shaker manage to create such a perfect nerd? Our theory is either one of them dated a dental student and have been friendzoned, or one of them was actually a Fifi


Via La Totfe2 ElShams



WE SAID THIS: The best performance of the year so far.