Meet the Arab Ambassadors Behind the Biggest Global Brands

The coveted role of brand ambassadorship is one that is given to individuals who have a prominent voice in the community coupled with an impressive background of accomplishments. In the Arab world alone, influencers, actors, athletes and the like are continuing to be the face behind some of the top global brands. Some are even considered trailblazers like Aseel Omran, the Saudi Arabian filmmaker who became Dior’s first-ever Middle Eastern brand ambassador back in 2021.

To showcase and celebrate the region’s biggest Arab figures, we have curated a collection of Middle Eastern Ambassadors making it big in the fashion, film, online casino and television industries.

Razane Jammal

In the world of fashion, with the release of any new collection or line, a brand ambassador becomes the canvas from which the brand’s latest creation gets to be showcased to the masses. Just recently, one such brand unveiled its latest ambassador, Razane Jammal. The 35-year-old British-Lebanese actress who has been smashing the film and television industry recently became Dior’s newest brand ambassador. She is now the official voice of the luxury French fashion house in the Middle East.

This is not Jammal’s first venture into the world of ambassadorship; she was recently Chanel’s official ambassador, making an appearance on the covers of Marie Claire, Harper Bazar, and Plastik. She also represented the brand by dressing in its latest collections at key events.

Jammal is not just making it big in the fashion industry, her eclectic repertoire also includes a major role in Egypt’s latest cinematic hit Kira & El Gin as well as her entrance into Netflix’s fantasy show, Sandman with her character Lyta Hall. With such big roles, Jammal is continuing to pave a successful path in her career.

Huda El Mufti

Rising to fame in 2017, with her breakout role in Haza Al Masaa (This Evening), 27-year-old Egyptian actress Huda El Mufti has also been a prominent face of several brand campaigns. The biggest was Dior’s 2021 perfume campaign where El Mufti represented their Tobacolor fragrance. She also represents the Dior brand globally; during her 2021 trip to Cannes when she was accompanied by Dior Beauty’s latest line of products while on the Venice Simplon Orient Express.

El Mufti’s mix of roles, whether it’s being a brand advocate or a rising film star shows off her ability to take on new challenges in her career. She likes to sink her teeth into a wide range of roles; from a spoiled high school student in Banat Sanawy (High School Girls) to a rich troublemaker in Ras El Sana (New Year’s Eve), she continued to show her versatility when she took on the challenge of training for her role as a belly dancer in this year’s Kira & El Gin during an intense two months of choreography sessions with seasoned dancers.

Fatima Al Banawi

Just recently, in 2021, Cartier International SNC, the prominent French Luxury manufacturer announced Fatima Al Banawi, Saudi Arabia’s successful actress and filmmaker, as the face of their brand. Al Banawi marked her debut with Cartier by taking part in the ceremony celebrating the brand’s high jewelry collection known as Sixéme Sens in Lake Como, Italy. During the event, she donned a Zuhair Mourad dress.

Since 2016 Al Banawi has been taking the film industry by storm, her breakout role in Mahmoud Sabbagi’s comedy Barakah Meets Barakah placed her on the international and regional map, especially with the film making it to the Oscars. From then on, the actress continued to take on bigger roles and even began to dabble in the filmmaking process.

During the pandemic, the actress showcased her ingenuity when she managed to co-write, co-direct and shoot an entire film from her home. The serial drama Al Shak (Doubt) became a Shahid original feature and received wide acclaim.

Tara Emad

Being a brand ambassador is nothing new to the 29-year-old Egyptian actress. Throughout her career, Emad has been the official face of brands like Bvlgari and Michael Oro Jewellery. She also was the ambassador for Azza Fahmy Jewelry and represented the brand during the launch of their 2021 summer collection ‘El Nur.’ Yet, her most impressive achievement was becoming Chanel’s very first Middle Eastern “Friend of the House” which was followed with Emad becoming Cartier’s official Middle Eastern brand ambassador.

Emad’s acting career was equally quite successful, starting off in 2011 with her first acting role in the TV show Al Jamia’a (The University) among a star-studded cast stemming from the MENA region. She continued to showcase her acting chops in larger features including Marwan Hamed’s The Blue Elephant: Dark Whispers. Emad didn’t just get featured in cinematic and TV productions, you can also see her in commercials like Orange Egypt’s Ghaween Aflam (We Like Movies) and the music video Met’ala Beeky (I Am Attached To You).

Karen Wazen

The Lebanese content creator and entrepreneur is one who continues to add big projects and appearances under her belt. Adding to her already large roster is her recent appointment as the brand ambassador and face of Guerlain’s skincare line. Her ambassadorship was revealed in Paris when Wazen was photographed at the Guerlain spa along the Champs-Élysées. Back in January 2022, she was also appointed as the first official face and Middle Eastern ambassador for Roberto Cavalli.

With over 7.7 million followers on Instagram, Wazen is considered a big name in the public realm. The influencer has her own line of sunglasses which she launched in 2018 as well as her very own mobile application game dubbed “Karen Wazen: My World.” The mother of three is someone who aspires to create and initiate her own projects as a way to bring her own voice and creativity to the forefront.

Yasmine Sabri

Considered one of Egypt’s most popular stars, Yasmine Sabri is a name many will recognize across the region. With such a prominent name, brands have sought out the actress as their official face and representative. Cartier was no exception, in 2020, the luxury jewellery brand selected Sabri as the ambassador for their Panthère collection. This was a first for the Arab world as Sabri was considered the first Middle Eastern woman to be the face of a Cartier campaign.

Sabri’s acclaim extends beyond fashion and jewelry. She has been making a name for herself since 2013 with her breakout role in the series Khatawat El Shaytan (Devil’s Steps). From then on, the actress became known as a powerhouse of talent and elegance, making her one of the MENA region’s biggest stars. Her best roles include starring in shows like Hekayti (My Story). The star has also made a big name for herself on social media, amassing over 19.7 million followers, showcases her prominence as a significant figure in the Arab community.

Being an ambassador of any brand implies that the face behind it will be someone of significance in the Arab and global community. Seeing the names of all these prominent figures in the industry coupled with their achievements is indicative of the value and importance of the title.

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