Meet Saudi’s All-Female​ Football Team

Via Vogue Arabia.

A few months ago, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Sports For All Federation established the country’s first-ever all-female national football team. Dubbed “The Greens”, the team made waves all over the world.

In an expectation-shattering performance, The Greens made their stand in the UN’s Global Goals World ‎Cup in Copenhagen. Their winnings earned them a place at the finals in New York City, where the team won the second place at the competition.

Princess Reema Bandar Al-Saud, the Kingdom’s ambassador to the United States, took to Twitter to show the world how proud she was of The Greens’ inspiring talent.

The head of the Sports For All Federation, Prince Khaled bin Alwaleed bin Talal Al Saud, made sure to praise the girls as well as stating that their participation in the Global Goals World Cup is to show how sports and fitness can play a vital role in overcoming humanity’s shared environmental challenges.

“Under Vision 2030, Saudi Arabia has made the environment and the overall health of our citizens a top priority,” He added.

The girls are not here to just kick the ball around. In Copenhagen, they made a statement by wearing a custom designed by Arwa Al-Banawi, with a print on the back that read ‘We Are A Kingdom’ in capital letters as well as Arabic calligraphy.

On Instagram, The Greens account shared a heartfelt statement that read:

“It was the first time for us to participate in the GGWCup. We met teams from all around the world who came to join forces to achieve sustainable development goals. Some worked to reduce inequalities, others worked for green energy, and we worked for Life on Land. What was important was to see the power of sports bringing nations together for peace, working for our earth, and sharing experiences,”

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