Meet the Mastermind Behind Most of Egypt’s Youth Empowerment Initiatives

Setting the bar high is what young entrepreneurs nowadays are perfecting with their constantly flowing innovative and pioneering ideas. Today’s youth are the future, which is why extensive efforts to empower them and support their creative startups are being prioritized by the private and public sectors. Whether by providing counseling, platforms, networking, funding, or easing bureaucracy.


We have currently been witnessing diverse gigantic projects and initiatives targeting youth empowerment, but we never really knew who was the mastermind behind these unique initiatives. Well, the mystery has been solved! The credit all goes to Pepsico, our behind the scenes hero, who has been playing a major role in contributing to the empowerment of young entrepreneurs in a rather intense way. The multinational food, snack, and beverage corporation does so as part of their corporate social responsibility strategy (CSR), in all the countries they operate in.



PepsiCo has been immensely investing in Egypt’s future, hand-in-hand with its bright youth. This plays a crucial role in their global strategy that they call “Performance with Purpose”. This strategy focuses on three main pillars: improving the products they sell, protect our planet and empower people around the world.


Complementing these efforts to empower the youth, PepsiCo Egypt is going to participate in the fifth annual Rise-Up Summit! Massively encouraging and providing consumers with the chance to adopt a healthier lifestyle at affordable prices.



Are you up for a competition? PepsiCo Snacks Innovation Competition is going to be hosted this year so don’t miss this opportunity to show off your innovative ideas! Grab the two-month program opportunity to work on nurturing your ideas and scaling your businesses. Offering training, mentoring and networking with other community organizations and investors. You have the choice of picking between the “Consumer Outreach” program or the “Product Innovation” program.


PepsiCo will also provide business development mechanisms through intensive workshops, contributing to the transfer of experiences and dialogue between company officials and young entrepreneurs.


Mr. Mohamed Shalbaya – General Manager of PepsiCo Egypt Commercial unit- will give an epic speech to all you participants, allowing the media professionals to conduct discussions about entrepreneurship.


Basically, the rise up summit of 2017 connects startups to the most relevant worldwide resources. Taking place at the Greek Campus from the 1st until the 3rd of December. If you’re a young entrepreneur, have a business idea, or interested in the startup scene, you definitely cannot afford to miss this year’s summit!



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