Meet Egypt’s Second Mount Everest Summiteer: Sherief El-Abd

Egypt celebrated its own daredevil, Omar Samra, after climbing Mount Everest 12 years ago. Today, Sherief El-Abd followed in Samra’s footsteps and climbed Earth’s highest mountain above sea level.

Along with 16 Arabs including four women from Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, and Oman, the journey started on April 4 and it was anything but easy. According to Masrawy, El-Abd suffered from dehydration and lost a friend on their way back.

The man of the hour trained for three years before embarking on his endeavor. During the climb, El-Abd showed his inner philanthropist and announced that he was raising funds to provide education to 100+ refugee children in Lebanon through the Basmeh and Zeitooneh foundation.

Joining a running club and experiencing his first hike in Nepal were life-altering decisions. The adventurer soon started climbing the Ras El-Kheimah mountains in the UAE and Mount Toubkal in Morocco, preparing him perfectly for his conquest of Mount Everest. El-Abd spent 10 years working as Director of Industry and Innovation Strategy in Dubai and now plans on climbing Mount Sinai.

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