6 Adrenaline-Fueled Activities for Adventure Travelers in Egypt

There are many aspects of travel, and Egypt luckily happens to be one of the countries that is privileged with all of them. From leisure to culture and heritage, we have it all, but not so many of us know that there’s an adventurous side to our country as well.

Adventure travel has gained popularity worldwide, simply due to the fact that everybody likes some adrenaline. Which is why we thought we’d come up with this list of cool things you can actually do in your own country, other than kitesurfing in Ras Sudr or scuba diving in Dahab. You’re welcome.

YES! You can kayak in Egypt in our very own river Nile in the heart of Cairo. The sport was introduced by Nile Kayak Club which is the first recreational kayaking club in the country. There are rides for every level, and seasonal expeditions in Luxor and Aswan. Thinking of giving kayaking a go for yourself? Check out these inflatable kayak reviews to help you find the kayak of your dreams.

Swimming with dolphins


If this was ever on your bucket list, get ready to mark it as done. Your dream will finally come true after heading to Marsa Alam’s Dolphin House which is, we kid you not, one of the world’s leading dolphin retreats.


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Most of Egypt’s land is made up of deserts, and deserts are full of hidden gems — especially those in the Sinai Peninsula. Our land is rich with beautiful canyons and mountains, such as the colored and white canyons in Nuweiba and the sacred Mount Sinai in Saint Catherine.

Rock climbing

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The natural rock formations we have in Sinai will fuel your outdoor experience with adrenaline. All you need to do is wear some comfortable clothes and head to Dahab. You can book a trip to Wadi Gunai through Homadventures and they’ll provide you with all the equipment and gear you need.


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Fayoum is the most popular destination when it comes to sand-boarding, and the best thing about it is that the ride from Cairo takes less than 2 hours. Sand-boarding Cairo Club offers day trips to Fayoum every Friday.

Hot air balloon

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You can’t go to Egypt without visiting the world’s largest open-air museum in Luxor. Lucky for you, you can enjoy the sunrise with the beautiful view of the vast temples and the west bank of the city. All you need to do is wake up early and go on a hot air balloon ride. For booking, your tour operator could easily arrange that for you as an additional activity.

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