Meet Amaya Diggins, the 10-Year-Old Muslim Entrepreneur of Hijabi Fits

Via Amaya Diggins
Via Amaya Diggins


Is it okay to fangirl over a 10-year-old? We frankly do not care what your answer to that question is because we’re doing it anyway. This fabulous 10-year-old entrepreneur launched Hijabi Fits, a hijab company for teens and tweens. In this time and age, many kids are all over social media doing the same darn thing: Snapchatting, playing around with filters and taking pictures of their coffee. But Amaya Diggins is something else.


Via Amaya Diggins


The 10-year-old from South Jersey was tired of wearing hijabs that were too big for her petite head, so she decided to solve that problem all by herself (well, and some help from her mother).



Diggins takes being an entrepreneur very seriously, and has been actively engaged in every aspect of the company. She chose the scarf material (jersey), gave her input for the measurements (Hijabi Fits offers two hijab sizes), and formed a vision for the upcoming photo shoots. She is currently trying to raise $20,000 through Hijabi Fits’ LaunchGood campaign in order to grow her business by adding inventory and setting up a website. She hopes to eventually expand and start designing and selling modest clothing for young Muslim girls.



WE SAID THIS: Ahhh, she gives us hope in kids.