Maged El Kedwany and Ahmed Ezz Are Our Favorite Duo This Year

When it comes to Ramadan ad campaigns, the competition is fierce and you have to be smart to stand out from the crowd; you have to be creative, unique, informative and more importantly, memorable! Mountain View managed to do that in their latest campaign, making it one of the best campaigns this Ramadan. The company was brilliant when it came to showing us the iCity project and introducing us to the place without being boring or way too over the top.


They also managed to get two of our favorite actors, Ahmed Ezz and Maged El Kedwany, who both played the roles that basically speak to us, two guys who just want to find a good place to live in, and live the good life without paying a fortune.


What has made the ad special is that it spread happiness and gave its viewers a sense of contentment that we have been currently lacking lately.



Their choice of actors was extremely smart; Kedwany is who we all are, and Ezz is who we all want to be. Even for the viewers who aren’t interested in real estate, watching the commercial was entertaining. From the banters the actors were having, to Ezz’s shirtless self, because let’s face it, we all enjoyed it (both the ad and shirtless Ezz). The dynamic between the actors is kind of making us want to see a whole movie about it. (Take notes, Mountain View. The people want a movie!) But with all the entertainment aside, the ad did in fact make a big impact of the sales of iCity October.



Mountain View is one of the most important projects based on public-private partnerships for the first time in Egypt. The partnership is 72% Mountain View and Sisban, as well as 28% for the Egyptian Ministry of Housing. The project aims to accelerate the development and investment of the real estate sector by providing modern housing units at competitive prices. iCity October is an extension of the Mountain View project in New Cairo with investments surpassing 50 billion Egyptian pounds on an area of 20 million meters flat (500 acres).




WE SAID THIS: We need to live the iCity life already!