Luxury Villas, Cozy Camps & Beyond: Unconventional Qatar Stays To Up Your World Cup Experience

Exuding extravagance, Qatar is a country known for its luxurious hotels whether it’s 5-star island getaways like Banana Island Resort or architectural gems like the opulent Mandarin Doha. Its status as an expensive khaleeji locality goes beyond that as it is also home to upscale shopping malls as well as some of the best fine dining restaurants in the region.

Despite its infamous status, the country is also home to more unique, out-of-the-box accommodation options that go beyond staying in a hotel room or a spacious suite. If you are attending the upcoming World Cup and crave an unconventional experience during your stay, we have curated a collection of unique stays for you to try out.

Regency Sealine Camp

Sitting in the heart of the desert, 67 km south of Doha, is the Regency Sealine Camp. With its unique collection of tents, rooms, and suites set within a secluded desert landscape surrounded by glistening waters, this unique stay merges the comfort of a hotel with the beauty of nature. In every type of accommodation, guests will have access to room service as well as an en-suite bathroom and free internet access.

The camp goes beyond offering a comfortable stay for its guests by making use of the surrounding desert. Adventure seekers can try out dune bashing with 4×4 vehicles or desert paragliding while guests craving an entertaining spectacle can take a camel ride across the picturesque desert followed by an exciting falcon show.

At night, guests can gather around an Arabian-style lounge area nestled under the stars where a gentle campfire would illuminate the sandy landscape. There they can enjoy delicious dishes including Italian delicacies as well as refreshing mocktails.

To book your stay you can check out the rooms on offer through Prices for a one-night stay will range from 1500 to 2000 dollars depending on room type.

Villa De Mykonos

For travelers seeking a more homey and intimate kind of stay, Qatar offers many family-size villas usually booked through platforms like Airbnb. To go for a more unique experience, we have picked out Airbnb’s Villa De Mykonos, a Greek-style 5 guest 7-bedroom house located 120 km, North of Doha.

Painted in Mykonos’ signature white and blue palate, the villa is akin to a microcosm of the Greek island with its crystal blue pool facing the open sea as well as its wide porches and outdoor winding staircases. The villa also exudes an expansive feel with its large living rooms sprawled with multiple couches as well as a big Arabian-style seating area outside. Staying at this villa also gives guests access to many leisure amenities including a pool table, football court, and even an open-air cinema.

Using Airbnb, you can book your stay for 2000 dollars a night.

Marsa Palace

Ever wanted to hit the high seas and spend the night in the open water? With Doha’s Marsa Palace boat, only a few kilometers from Qatar’s Sports Club Stadium, you can do just that. Exuding an old charm coupled with hints of modernity the boat is decorated with velvet settees and wooden floors covered with white luxurious rugs.

That charm extends to its rooms that are home to flat-screen TVs and beds covered in fancy linens. Each room also has free Wifi as well as access to a 24-hour front desk. Beyond the interior living areas and rooms, the boat also offers a large terrace that mimics the look of a garden set along 360 views of the sea as well as an endless cityscape.

To book your stay, platforms like mobilehomes offer several room options. For prices, you can call the property using the number: +974 77788815.

Al Aziziyah Boutique Hotel

Stepping back in time for the ultimate Victorian-style accommodation, Al Aziziyah Boutique Hotel is a great way to unwind and escape from the daily bustle of city life. Mimicking the charm of an old country house, the estate is home to lush greenery and polished gardens that stretch along its expansive premises.

Located at Doha’s Aspire Zone, a large top-class sports complex just 13 km from the city center, this special estate is home to 139 rooms divided into three separate categories that range from simple, stylish rooms to large, expansive suites that are decorated with rich furniture and warm designs.

When it comes to its dining, the hotel offers a wide range of options whether it’s first-floor Glass House offering upscale dining, or Primavera, located on the ground floor that serves up modern Italian cuisine.

To stay at this Victorian-style countryside estate, you can call the property at +974 4445 5555.

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