Live in Dubai: EZOW & Zlatan Collab In Anticipated Rap Concert

Nigerian musician Zlatan and Emirati rapper EZOW are both set to perform in Dubai’s MARQ venue on September 6th.

A pioneer of the Nigerian Zanku musical movement, a fast-paced afrobeat style taking dance floors in West Africa by storm, Zlatan has been involved in the music scene since 2016 collaborating with artists like Burna Boy.

Launching the Zanku record label back in 2020, Zlatan never fails to bring the audience to their feet through his stage presence and energetic tunes. This concert is set to bridge the musical worlds of the African Sahel and the Middle East.

High-profile rapper EZOW exclusively shared with us that he’s preparing something special for the concert’s audience as the Emirati chart-topper will share the stage with Zlatan in a world first.

He went on to say, “this is a new start for the new era of artists that are able to export music internationally,” citing international collaborations as the way forward to publicize regional music.

Addressing the haters posing as purists, the artist said, “some people seem to have a negative attitude toward artists who don’t follow the flock. Rap music is much larger and more diverse than any narrow-minded belief. Do not allow others to alter your creativity if you are a unique artist.”

EZOW released his debut single and album “Pay Off” back in 2020 and has been gaining a solid following since. Performing in English, his style encompasses Hip Hop and a Trap-esque feel, but EZOW doesn’t focus too much on labels but rather making great music for the world to enjoy.

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