Celebrating 75 years of Bulgari’s Motif Serpenti in Dubai

Snakes and serpents are primarily sources of danger in our cavemen minds but as civilization evolved, the ancient Egyptians saw the snake as a symbol of protection as well as the Greco-Romans who also saw them as symbols of rebirth and health.

Italian fashion giant Bulgari adopted the same coiled snake symbol to represent wisdom, vitality and of course seduction.

As the iconic brand turns 75, Dubai will be hosting a celebration event at the DIFC Gate Village, where it will be showcasing never-before-seen jewelry and accessories designs.

Via Visit Dubai

When Serpenti takes over Dubai from September 15th to the 24th, the exhibition will not be simply showcasing Serpenti jewelry and accessories but also telling people about its history and how it evolved throughout the years.

Don’t miss this chance to discover the history of one of the world’s most beautifully mysterious fashion symbols and its 75-year journey until this day.

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