Learn From the Best: Egyptian Beauty Blogger Soraya Shawky Takes Us Through Her Home Beauty Secrets

Soraya Shawky is an Egyptian celebrity makeup artist and beauty blogger based in Dubai. She’s a self-taught makeup guru who traveled all the way to Berlin to study fashion design at ESMOD fashion school. Once she finished school she decided to return to the Middle East and started giving beauty and makeup classes, eventually getting hired as a professional makeup artist to work with a number of celebrities, designers, and models. After years of hard work and dedication, Soraya managed to distinguish herself in the world of beauty.

We’re all aware of the current situation that the world is going through, the coronavirus pandemic has paralyzed our lives, and changed all our day-to-day routines. But Soraya is keeping us all entertained during the quarantine with her latest modern beauty tips and tricks on her IGTV series to help you experiment in your spare time. Keep scrolling for some of her work and don’t forget to follow her on IG.

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