Le Marché XLVI Furniture Mega Exhibition Is Bigger Than Ever!

Le Marché XLVI, the biggest, boldest furniture exhibition in the Middle East and Africa is finally HERE! The ultimate go-to furniture shopping destination is giving its visitors at the Egypt Exhibition Centre the show of a lifetime starting from October 21st till October 24th. This rendition of Le Marché XLVI promises major game-changing creative endeavors that break the barrier between shopper, designer, creatives, interior design, and brilliance in motion. First up in the roster of innovation, Le Marché XLV brings you the first-ever Designer Hub. Being the very first thing you walk into at the magnanimous exhibition, you’ll get the chance to finally have a conversation with gifted and ambitious interior designers and discuss their creation and vision. You might even find one that perfectly aligns with yours! In order to guarantee you finding your inspiration there, numerous brilliant, world-famous artists and interior designers will be gracing the halls of the exhibition, hosting a rich catalogue of talks. These Designer Talks will give an exclusive insight into industry secrets and the magic behind the curtain.

If you’ve already taken the brilliant decision of buying all that you need by bulk from this mega exhibition, then The Outlet is any buyer’s heaven. A place where all your wishes and desires for furniture, design, home appliance dreams, and refurbishing goals will unquestionably be met to the fullest. Just as any other outlet, Le Marché’s Outlet offers you 70% off everything, but since it is The Outlet, after all, the items there are glistening in perfect, mint condition. In addition to adding more value to your purchases, the exhibition is partnering up with ValU to offer you 72-month installment plans. Now, if that’s not a steal, we don’t know what is!

Le Marché XLVI is also keeping its streak hot with the Talent Parade. This year’s exhibition will host the first-ever Obelisque Design Award (ODA), designated for ambitious young designers with fire in their eyes, and partnering up with household names such as Art D’Egypte and Esorus. This united front will be harboring all young talents, by giving them an opportunity to create and showcase their designs and creations to a panel of world-class, esteemed designers. If you’re a young creative, this is absolutely a make it or break it opportunity, so why wait? If you sign up via Esorus, you’ll get free access to Design Talks as well! The last day for submitting artwork is October 15th, so it’s time for you to tinker, and get your tools out to woo everyone with your brilliance. Fees for participation, detailed entry requirements, and application forms can be found on Esorus’s website. Since safety is of utmost priority at Le Marché, you can rest assured that all precautions will be observed. You can purchase your digital catalogue and receive your QR code online to give you entry to the exhibition for 20 % off, through the new and improved Le Marché app.

Need more proof that Le Marche XLVI is the place to be? Ask no one other than the glamorous diva herself, Abla Fahita! She’s made the decision to drop all the partying and wild adventures at Victoria’s bachelorette party, and head to Le Marche’s unmissable exhibition. Her go-to guy for furniture, Freddy, unfortunately passed away, but Zizi reminded Abla Fahita of where to get a brand-new sofa in her very own haute couture salon. After all, the diva has an endless list of social events she must grace, but she’s got Le Marche at the top of her list, as should you!

As you arm yourself with digital catalogues available at the door, Le Marche XLVI is bound to be the most rewarding furniture and design shopping experience, and an overall addition to your aesthetic and knowledge as a designer or design enthusiast. As they always say, if you don’t go, you won’t know!

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