L’Art Rue: A Tunisian Cultural Festival Bringing Creatives Together In spite Of Political Instability

Tunis is hosting Dream City 2023, an ongoing art festival that brings together performers, visual artists, and documentary makers from across the Mideast and the world at large.

Taking place until the 8th of October, this event is hosted at in Medina and Downtown Tunis. Created in 2007 by Selma & Sofiane Ouissi who act as Art Directors, were joined by Jan Goossens in 2015 to make this special event that acts as a pillar to artistic works in the heart of the capital.

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This year the art spaces of the NGO The Art Rue, were painstakingly prepared by Artistic Director & Curator Hoor Al Qasimi (Director of the Sharjah Art Foundation) to host the artists and their exhibitions demonstrate how far-reaching the Arab and international cooperation can be in the name of art.  

Musicians, dancers, sculptures, poetry, documentaries and movies being aired to art appreciating audiences is more than a celebration of art, the diversity of the artists themselves transcends the political divisions brewing in North and East Africa.

Selma & Sofiane have their own performance as well called BIRD, which is an interpretive dance encouraging people to reevaluate their relationship with the living and how each delicate move resembles a way to connect with what surrounds us.

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Egyptian dance duo Noura Seif and Salma Abdelsalam (Nasa4nasa) are also performing a dance routine aimed at highlighting the intensity of everyday life in a toxic, hyper-digitized world aptly named No Mercy.

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The super-talented Ghalia Ben Ali and the Tunisian National Orchestra are set to serenade audiences with their refined and authentic music that gives classics a modern tinge with her acclaimed voice and touching performance.

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Michael Rakowitz an Iraqi-American artist well known for his conceptual art presented in alternative settings that evoke emotions while telling stories of his heritage and his family’s memories of Iraq in happier times out of the negative context of conflict.

These were just a few of the participants with many more amazing performances lined up; find more detailed information about the times and locations of the performances and exhibits can be found on the website of Art L’Rue.

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