This Kuwaiti Man with Four Brides That Was Envied by All Egyptians Etwakas Ya Ged3an


News broke of a Kuwaiti man marrying four women, AT THE SAME TIME, to spite his ex-wife. Of course, the Arab Internet had no chill; they took social media by storm, showing how angry, happy, or, mostly, how really jealous they are.



Some social media users refused to buy this alleged ploy by this Kuwaiti, saying that the four women he’s with are models, and they’re all just showing their bridal designs, or promoting the party they’re at in a creative way…




We here at Scoop Empire are not quite sure what exactly should we believe! But if this is was an actual wedding, good for him. Well, good for them! But, if this was just a way to promote some bridal designs, teb20 ento wakasto el wad bas bardo we’d like to give it to him for how creative they are!



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