Know, Understand, Don’t Discriminate: Cairokee Just Posted their Music Video to Raise Awareness on Aids

Via Cairokee's Facebook Page

Leading Independent Music Band in the Arab Region, Cairokee, just released the most heart moving music video to raise awareness and support patients of Aids. It was previously announced that Egypt has a national plan to completely eliminate AIDS by the year 2030. The music video is a part of the National AIDS Campaign and it’s backed up by the Ministry of Health and Population, UNAIDS, the Swedish Drosos Foundation.

Know. Understand. Don't Discriminate.

اعرف.افهم. متوصمش. آنا جنبك مش هافضل ساكتة…#weareone #learnthelesson #Know #Understand #nonotdiscriminate #Cairokee #UNAIDSegypt #UNAIDSeg #UNAIDS #HIVAIDS #HIV #AIDS #NogoumFM #NileFM #endingaids2030Song by CairokeeActors : Ahmed_Malek , Salma Abu Deif and Karima MansourLyrics: Amir Eid and Nesma El-ShazlyComposed and Arranged by: CairokeeMusic Production and Mixing: Sherif Mostafa Directed by: Taimour TaimourVocals: Hana Ghoneim & Rita Ashkar Our Official Radio Partners: NogoumFM 100.6 and Nile FMProduction House: The Factory – المصنع

Posted by Cairokee on Monday, September 10, 2018

The video is very heart-wrenching, the production is amazing, and the extraordinary acting of Ahmed Malek, Salma Abu Deif, and Karima Mansour didn’t make it any easier! The video is inspired by true events, in the life of an AIDS patient. At the end of the video, Cairokee sends a message to remind everyone that “Aids is just like any other chronic disease. Let our humanity prevail.”

Cairokee is hands down one of the most influential bands in the region, and we hope that this campaign will help the people be more understanding and compassionate. I’m sure that Cairokee’s influence will definitely make a dramatic change in the lives of these patients.

WE SAID THIS: Always was, always will be a Cairokee fan.