‘King of the Ring’ Saudi’s Latest Film Production Starring Salma Abu Deif

Saudi has been flourishing, to say the least when it comes to its entertainment scene. From its Red Sea International Film Festival to stars shining bright like Fatima AlBanawi and many more; it comes as no surprise with their news of the ‘King of the Ring’ film starring none other than, Egypt’s sweetheart, Salma Abu Deif and many others such as Shady Al Fons and Mohamed Lotfy. Here’s all you need to know about this latest pan-Arab project hitting theatres this June.

Alongside the aforementioned actors, the film co-stars Saudi actors, Yasin Ghazzawi, Hakeem Jomah and Faisal Al Kurdi.

Though not much is revealed yet about the plot, we know that the story follows Musaab, an aspiring wrestler played by Yasin Ghazzawi. Musaab sees hope in being trained by a former Egyptian wrestler and coach, played by Lotfy once the opportunity is given to him.

Last year, the film premiered at the Red Sea International Festival as part of the ‘New Saudi Cinema’ section.

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