Khaled El Nabawy Just Released the Trailer of his New Series Portraying Dr. Mostafa Mahmoud!

Via Khaled El Nabawy's Facebook Page

Renowned International Actor, Khaled El Nabawy, just released a trailer to the series we’ve been waiting for! The series is about one of the most influential icons in modern history, Dr. Mostafa Mahmoud!

إلى عشاق الإنسان الكبيرد. مصطفى محمود ?

Posted by ‎خالد النبوى Khaled Elnabawy‎ on Friday, November 9, 2018

Dr. Mostafa Mahmoud was a doctor, philosopher, and author from Shibin el-Kom, Munufiyya. His books and tv shows influenced, and still does, millions of people on really sensitive topics like religion, society, purpose, and existence! He’s most known for his exceedingly successful TV show “Science and Faith, and his two famous books “My Journey from Doubt to Belief” that was published in 1970, and “A Dialog with my Athiest Friend” that was published in 1974.

Khaled El Nabawy is undoubtedly the perfect fit for this complex role! The trailer already gave us high hopes and huge expectations, so we hope that the actual series be as good as we need it to be! The series is produced by Art Makers Productions, and we’re still waiting for more info to be released.

WE SAID THIS: We’re super excited to see this coming to life!