Khairy Ramadan Detained For Allegedly Insulting Egypt’s Police

Last Saturday, Egypt’s prosecution ordered that TV Host and Journalist, Khairy Ramadan, to be detained for 24 hours pending investigations, by the National Security Agency, over accusations of police defamation.

During an episode on Egyptian state television talk show “Masr Enaharda”, the host discussed a previous phone call with a police officer’s wife who complained about her husband’s salary and their struggling financial status.

The order came days after President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi announced that insulting Egypt’s security forces amounts to treason. The General prosecutor urged the country to take legal action against media outlets publishing fake news.

Head of the Association of Wives of Police Officers, Rasha Kamel, told Al that she filed a complaint against Khairy Ramadan on behalf of the association, explaining that the TV host’s claims were offending and as she called it a “non-violent” war.

Watch the video that caused Khairy Ramadan’s arrest below:

الفيديو الذي تسبب في حبس خيري رمضان

حبس خيري رمضان بسبب هذا الفيديو !هل يستحق الحبس من أجل هذه الكلمات ؟

Posted by ‎عبدالعزيز مجاهد‎ on Sunday, March 4, 2018

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