Izzy Chan is in Egypt and She’s Showcasing her Documentary About Families That Switched Gender Roles

The American Ministry of Foreign Affairs is cooperating with the USC Cinematic Arts in a program called the American Film Showcase. The program works on solidifying the connection between cultures and showcase the American contemporary society with its issues. As a part of the program, the American Embassy in Cairo is hosting the renowned Movie Director, Izzy Chan.

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Chan is going to showcase her successful and unusual documentary, The Big Flip. The Big Flip is a documentary that explores the hidden struggles and triumphs of families who have “flipped” traditional gender roles; where the wife wins the bread and the husband takes care of home and kids.

The director spent a whole year roaming in several states to find eight families that were featured in her documentary. Chan used academic sources to back up her arguments; as a study at the University of Virginia claims that couples are 61% less happy when the woman earns more than the man. Moreover, another study at the University of Western Washington states that divorce rate increases by 40% in families where the woman earns 60% or more of the family income.

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Chan’s own lifestyle influenced her research on this topic; as she is the main family provider in her household. She was brought up in Hong Kong and Singapore, and she started writing and directing plays at a young age.

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