ATTENTION: Cadbury Offers You a One Way Ticket to Cloud Nine With Their New Product

Rumor has it that a new product is on its way to the market, but before its manufacturers could make their first move, someone turned things upside down for them. It all started when a video got leaked from Cadbury’s office security camera and got posted on Facebook. The video features a lady testing the new product, by giving out samples for a group of people to try. It all sounds completely normal up until this point, but things tread a different path after they start digging in!

هو اية اللي بيحصل ده؟ ايه اللى فى الشوكولاتة دى بالظبط!

Posted by Rafaat Ismail on Sunday, February 18, 2018

Another video, featuring Mona Lisa and a man dressed in Roman attire, has been randomly uploaded to Facebook just like the leaked video. It turns out that the new chocolate bar will take you somewhere else. You’ll enjoy it to the extent that you’d do anything to get your hands on it. That’s where the Mona Lisa and the mysterious Roman fellow come in. No, they’re not here for you to take selfies with them. In fact, they’re here to distribute some 5 Star love. The distributors succeeded in grabbing public attention. Why? One, the product is still not released in the market yet. Two, simply because it’s lit! That’s why the chocolate distributors are out on the streets secretly distributing, and injecting, some chocolate euphoria.

موناليزا دار السلام

موناليزا دار السلام .

Posted by ‎تمت الترجمة‎ on Sunday, February 25, 2018

Cadbury is expected to drop bombs when they release their brand new product, 5 Star. This future addiction of yours is not just a regular bar of chocolate, it’s of premium quality; which is quite clear from its name. I’m talking about some really good stuff here; if you know what I mean! Cadbury’s new dope bar guarantees you ultimate happiness that would take you all the way up to cloud nine this time.

WE SAID THIS: WARNING: 5 Star may lead to addiction!

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