Johnson’s Baby Reworked its Formula to Set a New Standard for Gentle

Raising our children in a community where they can grow up understanding the true meaning of gentle is what we all wish for. Being gentle with our words and thoughts, with each other and with the earth is essential to help create a better world.  

That’s where Johnson’s Baby comes in – The brand introduces the transformative power of gentle in the all New Johnson’s, promising products as gentle as we want the world to be! After carefully listening to parents’ concerns, Johnson’s Baby reformulated their products, both inside and out, setting a new standard for gentle. 

Johnson’s Baby has always kept its promise to never stop raising the bar, committing to only using purposeful ingredients. The products have been free from parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, and are now even gentler without sulfates and dyes.

You don’t need to worry about your baby’s dry hair anymore with the all New Johnson’s, where more than 96% of the ingredients in their leading products are of natural origin. The brand has increased the glycerin for a softer touch, and all the mineral oils have been replaced with naturally derived ones; such as coconut oil. Not only does this ensure that these formulas are gentle on your baby’s skin from the moment of birth, but also gentle on the environment. 

The products don’t just cleanse and moisturize – they turn moments of care at every age and stage into opportunities to strengthen the baby’s connection to their parents and the world. From the moment of birth, their skin is very delicate and therefore requires newborn products that cater to this. Here’s where Johnson’s newborn range Cotton Touch comes in, with its ultra-light formula blended with real cotton, protecting your newborn’s skin from day one. 

For active toddlers and kids who grow up eagerly wanting to explore the world, mild products are essential to help protect and develop their skin and hair. With the new transformation, the New Johnson’s supports every baby’s stage of life. As they grow older, their needs develop and so do the products they use.

In order to continue contributing to a better world where babies can thrive, the brand has conducted around 90 percent of all industry research mainly focusing on healthy baby skin. The iconic household name has always been open and honest with its customers, making all of their ingredients and labels easy to understand, ensuring that parents are always informed enough to make their own choices when it comes to childcare.

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