A Priest, a Rabbi and an Imam Walk into a German Football Stadium



A one-of-kind football match was held on Saturday in the German city of Dusseldorf between a team of Catholic and Protestant priests and a team of Muslim imams…that was refereed by a Jewish rabbi. We swear this is not a joke! THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENED!


The idea to organize this match has been under discussion in Dusseldorf for a year and a half now, and applying it in reality basically aims at initiating a friendly dialogue between religions to find common grounds of understanding, regardless of who is going to be the winner.




In a bid to remove virtual obstacles between different beliefs, more than 5,000 people representing all religions took part in the event that was organized by the Circle of Dusseldorf Muslims.


Dusseldorf’s Mayor Thomas Geisel said “Awesome, Muslims playing against Christians and the referee is Jewish. I am not familiar with religious matters, but I know that the Prophet Abraham brings us together.” Geisel, who cosponsored the match along with Arsenal German star Mesut Özil, executed the game’s kick off.




The game ended 4-2 for the imams, while the Jewish referee used his whistle only on six occasions to signal the goals, as there was no fouls given for any of the two sides, who apparently remained committed to the peaceful nature of their teachings.


WE SAID THIS: Now that’s what we call team spirit!