Jeremih Live in Gouna!

I have been to many concerts and parties in my day, but I realized I have never seen a hip hop star perform live. Turns out that if you were not there you really missed out! The event organizers did a great job with the set up and over all ‘concert feel’ as they transformed seasidevenue Moods El Gouna into a place fit for a star.

DJAK was spinning some of the old school hip hop tunes when I walked in (which automatically put a smile on face) having everyone at the party getting down to classics by Dr. Dre , Snoop Dogg , Warren G and Biggie. Jeremih’s much anticipated performance started towards the end of the night when partygoers were getting anxious to see what the star had in store for them…..and what a show it was! Jeremih was accompanied by an MC on stage and a DJ, which all contributed to the performance. After paying compliments to Egyptian ladies repeatedly, he very shortly had the crowd jumping up and down, singing and behaving like hip hop aficionados. With songs like “Birthday Sex” and his hit with 50 Cent “Down On Me” Jeremih gave the best live performance I have seen in a long time.

The party wrapped up with AK playing the top commercial tunes, which was a great way to end the night (yes I am admitting to praising the commercial stuff).With this I am very happy to report that the hip hop scene in Egypt is alive and kicking!