Blue Breeze: The Start of the Day Parties in Gouna

At the 88 pool with the Red Sea in the background, the Blue Breeze party featured the Awadi brothers in a charming blue and white set up which blended in with the surroundings (even the cocktails and shots were blue).  The venue is equipped with everything you would need at a pool party from ice towels to inflatable blue dolphins in the pool.

The DJs started the set with a Deep House mix (I was secretly cheering in my head “go Shaggy!”) as some of my favorite tracks were dropped from producers like Claptone and Solomun (if you don’t know who these people are, start googling now!)

The day turned into night as the party got more crowded and the music carried on with DJ Mazhar making a guest appearance behind the decks. As I did not stay long, I’ll conclude this by saying it was the first time in a very long time that I go out to a party in Egypt and not complain out loud about the music I actually enjoyed this party very much, and as a person who is updated with all the new music out there I was pleasantly surprised to hear new tunes that were not part of Nile FM’s top 20 charts!

Overall, the combination of the venue set up and the music played (until I left at least) created a perfect example of a day party.