Refresh: Playboy Party

Also set at 88 El Gouna this Easter, the Refresh pool party was ummm….refreshing! I for one had a great time observing the debauchery. The party was well put together with Playboy DJ Flower, Playboy “bunnies” walking around serving shots and attempting dancing at read more here times, while the dancers (also dressed to fit the theme) were doing some aerial dancing (you know the kind you wished you had the upper body strength and flexibility to do and made you dream of a go-go dancer career at a point in life?).

About the music, I was looking for Panadol half the time DJ Flower was on (let’s just say the banging of pots and pans is not my idea of a good time) but people seemed to like it! I can assure you the crowd was jumping around (and into the pool) to the music. It wasn’t all bad though, the DJ accompanying her played a pretty decent set (I was about to engage in the biggest DJ faux pas and ask him to stay on and save my ears!) Overall it was a successful party that continued until dark and no one wanted to leave or get out of the pool.