It’s Spay/Neuter Awareness Month, Here’s Why Our Region Needs to Step Up

Pets are the most precious creatures on Earth. And whether you’re raising a dog, cat, or another animal, we’re all aware that they have their own instinctual nature. Dogs and cats reproduce in large litters, usually around six to eight pups/kittens, and as cute as they can be, it’s always hard to care and give proper attention to all of them. Looking at our region, specifically Egypt, you can see how the streets are overpopulated and filled with stray dogs and cats that are usually in very poor conditions, cold and starving.

Throughout the month of February the world is celebrating spaying/neutering of pets, and the importance of animal birth control. Undoubtedly, we find this extremely important and relevant in our region, given the fact that our laws should be fiercer in this aspect. Therefore we want to shed light on the importance of spaying/neutering the stray animals.

Why is spaying/neutering important, you ask? It’s actually extremely vital to encourage everyone to spay and neuter dogs and cats before the spring and summer months, when litters are the highest. There are too many puppies and kittens being born every day that do not and cannot get the care they need, and end up in shelters, in the streets, or an even worse fate.

In Egypt, there are a few organizations, such as ESMA Egypt and Safe Haven Egypt to name a few, that continue to spread awareness regarding the importance of spaying/neutering. Through posting on social media some tips and information on ways to help and protect animals, these shelters continuously call for action for the protection of animals.

For many years, animal activists have been fighting and carrying out several campaigns to raise awareness regarding animal rights, especially after a number of high-profile cases associated with animal abuse. In fact, early this year, a lawsuit was filed by animal rights activists against killing stray cats and dogs in Egypt. This lawsuit hopes to oblige the government in taking a strong stance against these horrific acts, and to give the animals the protection they need.

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