Israeli Army Introduces AI Tech to Combat Gaza, But What Does This Mean?

Across Gaza, with more than 28,000 people killed during the ongoing genocide and with the Israeli army currently encroaching on Rafah, many believe that matters couldn’t get worse. Yet, that’s far from the truth, as for the first time, Israel’s army deployed AI-enabled tech in combat.

Fear washed over Gaza citizens, with many not knowing how this new tech is planned to be used. So far, what’s known is that the army hinted that the new tech is being used to destroy enemy drones as well as map Hamas’s underground tunnel network.

Mapping Underground Tunnels

Their new technology includes artificial intelligence-powered gunsights, which will help them aim their weapons accurately at their targets, as well as robotic drones. When it comes to drones, the focus is the Hamas tunnels, which Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has made a major target.

Israel plans to map the vast underground tunnel network using AI-powered drones that are able to detect humans and can operate underground. One of the suppliers of this technology is an Israeli startup called Robotican, which is known to use drones within a robotic case.

Destroying Drones

Along with that, the Israeli military also focuses on developing weapons to neutralize drones involved in conflict. One of their latest technologies is an AI-enabled optic sight, which can be attached to weapons like rifles and machine guns and is used to intercept drones that can go unnoticed by Israeli soldiers.

It’s unfortunate to see how the ongoing genocide isn’t only contributing to the death of thousands but also to the testing and development of emerging technologies by the Israeli military.

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