Is The Conflict Affecting Gaza Only? A Comparison Between Snapchat Stories In Gaza & The West Bank

What has now become a genocide and ethnic cleansing in Gaza has changed everything from the demographics of land to the minor details of Gazans’ lives, and of course, social media has its share of sharing a portion of the change that has taken place to the world. Among social media platforms, we looked at Snapchat stories on the map between Gaza and the occupied West Bank, and a striking contrast manifests itself between the two.

The Snapchat stories of Palestinians in Gaza show a backdrop of rubble and utter destruction. Snapchat is used by people to share happy and fun moments with their friends, which is true for a large part of the world, but in Gaza, the situation is mostly brutal and there is little way to hide it.

Interestingly, on the other side of the segregation wall, Israeli settlers who are also in a state of war, none of the stories featured today at the time of writing this article show any sign of destruction, killings, or random moments of fear as the ones filmed by Gazans above. The snippets from the stories below feature a contrast between an untouched view of Jerusalem, and Tel Aviv in comparison to a dark night in Jabalia camp lighted by the airstrikes in the sky.

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