Is Paris Hilton Suing Ramez Galal?

Word on the streets is that notorious prankster Ramez Galal might be sued by notorious socialite Paris Hilton for the extreme shenanigans he put her through on his show Ramez Wakel El-Gaw.

In this season of Galal’s annual series of celebrity heart attacks and beat downs, he disguises himself as an old man who flies stars out to Dubai and takes them on a ride in a small airplane.

Mid-air, he tricks his guests into believing that the plane is crashing as the pilot fakes losing control and other passengers, who are in on the prank, scream hysterically and cry out for help.

Hilton, who was allegedly paid $250,000 to appear on the show, seemed absolutely terrified. She screamed for her life, especially when passengers were asked to jump out of the plane as it was supposedly about to hit the water.

As soon as the aircraft hit the ground, Galal revealed his true identity, leaving Hilton in shock for a few seconds until she finally told him, “I will kill you.”

She also revealed that dying in a plane crash is her biggest fear and that this show really made her fear for her life. The entrepreneur and singer seemed to eventually calm down and she even laughed when the crew cheered, “We love you Paris.”

While Galal was extremely excited and proud to have her on his show, Hilton has reportedly contacted her lawyers to try and find out who exactly was behind the elaborate prank that caused her emotional distress.

Many viewers felt sorry for Hilton and are backing her up, supporting the potential lawsuit against the Egyptian actor and his crew. Social media is filled with commentary about how this year, Galal have crossed the line and taken the show to a whole new level of stupidity.



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