Is Egypt Reshaping the Newest Hotspot for the Middle Eastern Fashion Industry?

After being in the spotlight for decades, Lebanon’s fashion industry has been experiencing conflicts with the growing struggles their nation faces. Aspiring local brands that could once thrive off the attention celebrities, influencers, and tourists brought to fashion hubs like Beirut, no longer experience this advantage. On another end of the Middle East, Egyptian event planners have been looking into ways their possible support of struggling Lebanese brands can promote the attention the Egyptian fashion industries receive. 

The start of 2021 introduced a memorable fashion experience for Cairo when ‘Socialista Events’ gathered Lebanese brands at the end of March to showcase and sell pieces defining their brands to Egypt. The event combined fashion with other forms of art and entertainment, to highlight its significance to the industry and how it would proceed to shift more attention to not only the growing brands, but art in general. This was confirmed when June started off with yet another unforgettable event in the business complex, Park Street. With this event mainly focused on fashion, an opportunity to grow brands whilst simultaneously benefiting Egypt and Lebanon emerged. 

“RoomOneBeirut,” an Italian multi brand shop selling apparel and clothing, caught the attention of various customers when a Lebanese designer displayed his quality line of their unisex street wear brand ‘Fragile.’ With their unique approach to complementing the recent streetwear trend, the possibility of becoming a staple brand to young adults and the upcoming generation in Egypt appeared to be inevitable. The Egyptian fashion industry undoubtedly lacks affordable, fast fashion, local/Middle Eastern brands that satisfy trends. For that reason, the appearance of ‘Fragile’ at this event caught the attention of crowds. It was made clear that local and growing Lebanese brands are worth the attention. The impact this has on Egypt, is recognizing its ability to invest in its fashion industry, and grow its available brands while staying on track with rapidly changing trends. 

Considering the effect of these events on Egypt is necessary when analyzing how the population has chosen to approach the growing fashion industry. The success of combining foreign Middle Eastern brands in one location through ‘Socialista Events,’ has sparked interest among local Egyptian brands following its success. Using the platform of events created for the purpose of showcasing art in any form, has become essential to Egypt’s journey in stimulating the fashion industry and their own brands. There is a continuous growth in the number of Instagram streetwear brands, shoe collecting brands, and multi brand apparel accounts based in Egypt. They have used opportunities such as fashion festivals in Arkan Mall and Capital Business Park to become more common names in the industry.

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