May El Gheity Shares her Journey on Living With Bipolar Disorder

While people propend to believe that celebrities’ lives are all about the fame and happiness stuffed with a luxurious lifestyle, we are slowly, but surely, learning that this idealistic envisioning of a celebrity’s lifestyle is nowhere near to perfection. They also, just as much as other people, have their daily struggles and silent battles that they try so hard to fight. But unlike other human beings, they face the extra load of “fame tax,” trying so hard to cover it all up with glam and smile in order to preserve their image. But not anymore! Celebrities nowadays have started to shamelessly address their issues. Case in point, May El Gheity and her take on her bipolar diagnosis.

In a late interview with the magazine “What Women Want,” actress May El Gheity opened up about her long years suffering from bipolar disorder. She believes the diagnosis was due to years of emotionally and physically exhausting work. Al Gheity continued to say that working in the field of acting from such a young age was hectic enough to cause her chronic stress.

The nature of her work stalled her from carrying out the simplest of activities girls at her age back then were capable of doing. She was obliged to carry the burden of responsibility that came with her job, while witnessing her classmates and friends enjoy their time just like any kid would. This built up stress ultimately caused her to have inner conflicts that she described as a ‘crisis.’

Being a cyclothymic, which is the third type of bipolar disorder, as well as undergoing psychological treatment for many years, is not something that May El-Gheity shied away from, but further emphasizes the need to take good care of her mental health. As May beautifully puts it in words, “If I can’t take care of my mental health, I won’t be capable of taking care of pretty much anything else.”

Public figures having the courage to use their voices in confessing about their struggles with mental health issues, is only a manifestation of the lengths people are willing to go to de-stigmatize mental disorders. It helps spread a wider sense of togetherness, as well as inspiring millions around the world who might be suffering from the same mental disorder, and are too ashamed to seek medical help.

WE SAID THIS: Kudos to May El Gheity for breaking the taboo of discussing mental disorders!